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We consider lifelong learning to be an integral part of the personal development of each of us. Both seniors and people from helping or teaching professions can study with us. As part of European cooperation, we offer an educational program for intergenerational coaches, we regularly prepare conferences dedicated to intergenerational activities and sharing good practice, we organize seminars, lectures and workshops for our volunteers and colleagues.

Do you want to improve or streamline intergenerational meetings in your organization? Wondering how others do it? Or are you a complete newcomer and don't know how to do it? Do you want to develop your soft skills? Choose from our offer or contact us at .


Seminars for collaborating seniors and volunteers:


To the result of our favorite program READ  there was mutual joy and satisfaction, we provide fairy-tale grandmothers and grandfathers a course of correct and engaging reading for children.


Even seniors want to improve their skills. That is why we regularly organize courses and workshops for them focusing on communication, self-development or various psychological topics. We mainly reflect their needs and demand. You can find the current offer of seminars here .

Seminars for our collaborators:

We are constantly working with all cooperating facilities to make intergenerational meetings as beneficial as possible. Our experienced coordinators help in this, but we also meet together at workshops, trainings and conferences, where we share good practice ideas and inspire each other.


Innovative education in the field of support for intergenerational cooperation - we help everyone who wants to participate in intergenerational activities, within the framework of European cooperation we have prepared a program for intergenerational coaches. Together with us, you will learn how to prepare, organize and lead intergenerational meetings so that it benefits everyone involved.

ROCHIL - we are cooperating on a project whose goal is the intergenerational transfer of cultural wealth within the EU countries.

Accredited educational program of the Ministry of Education
PROBLEMS OF INTERGENERATIONAL SHARING for pedagogical staff of primary schools, kindergartens

We organize an educational program full of intergenerational topics for pedagogical staff, which we have compiled on the basis of our many years of experience, especially from the Talk program. By completing the program, educators can gain the knowledge and skills needed to create and promote intergenerational sharing.

They will learn how to successfully prepare intergenerational activities in middle school facilities (primary schools, kindergartens, primary schools) and in cooperating senior facilities (DS, DPS, clubs, etc.).

Personal development COFFEE WITH VANDA

A project that helps our volunteers and co-workers in difficult life situations for free. Individual therapeutic counseling is always provided by prior agreement and everything is governed by the specific needs of the participants. An individual and professional approach is a matter of course.

Kavicka s VANDOU
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