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Thanks to the ONLINE program, we keep up with the times. This new program was created in response to pandemic measures, which led to the social isolation of seniors and the reduction of intergenerational meetings. We help seniors in particular to continue to be in regular contact with their family, friends and society in general and to be a part of community life. Thanks to this program, we can also implement intergenerational activities in all circumstances, even when it is not otherwise possible for health or social reasons.

The program is designed especially for seniors living in their own household or in a senior facility who want to become new members among us. We support prevention against the feeling of social exclusion, loneliness and isolation from the outside world. Thanks to the cooperation with Between Us, the individual also gains space to establish new contacts and the opportunity to participate in leisure activities.

However, the ONLINE program also supports the continuity of meetings of already cooperating individuals or groups involved in the READ or TALK programs, which are not allowed to physically meet for a certain period of time. For all parties involved, including school and senior staff, cooperation in the ONLINE program can be a motivating and encouraging element not only on a work but also on a personal level.

The ONLINE program also includes educational tools that are directly related to the support of information and communication technologies (ICT) or are an alternative to the tools of the Between Us EDUCATION program.

We use electronic communication and other ICT to meet seniors with the outside world. You can look forward to video fairy tales , online meetings , video greetings from children  and seniors , online seminars and training in computer literacy and cyber security. Some of you may have already been able to try virtual reality on your own. And we are preparing a lot of other interesting projects for you.

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