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In the TALK program  the two worlds are interconnected. The world of seniors from senior facilities and the world of children from  kindergartens or primary schools throughout the Czech Republic. We support their regular meetings and thus help create a space for mutual communication between these different generations, active sharing of time, energy, experience and knowledge.

In the TALK program  there are specific groups of children from schools, kindergartens behind grandmothers, grandfathers to a nearby senior facility. The aim is for the same children to visit the senior facilities. The purpose is to establish closer ties and easier options  formation of possible new friendships. Meetings take place mostly once every 3 to 4 weeks, usually 45-60 minutes or by appointment. The content of these meetings are artistic, musical or movement activities or reading, storytelling, celebrations of various holidays. Our coordinators prepare the meeting and always take an active part in it. The contents of these meetings are planned taking into account the abilities and skills of children and seniors and are adapted to current needs and possibilities. Our program is set up to follow the activities in senior facilities and correspond to the educational plan of preschool and school facilities.


Children look at a world sometimes as old as 90 years old. They learn to respect old age, they have the opportunity to learn something about the world around us from  from the point of view of seniors, get to know life in  These facilities, listen to experiences, opinions on various things. Society often perceives old people with contempt, so our effort is to help children who, for example, do not meet the oldest generation in the family, look at old age with different eyes.

Regular meetings of generations, on the other hand, also activate the daily lives of seniors. It occurs here  transfer of joy, energy, inspiration to experience something new and the desire to pass on to children their experience. They learn from each other's respect, consideration and intergenerational friendship.

Equipment that s  our organization Between Us  have been actively cooperating for a long time, we appreciate our brand Intergenerational .

To the program TALK  school and senior facilities from all over the Czech Republic are involved, you can find an overview of them here .

If you also want to join this program, do not hesitate to contact us .




In homes for the elderly, there are people who still have something to offer others  they say, but they also deserve to be offered something to them.  IN  Kindergarten are children who can give smiles, energy, immediacy, joy of life.  AND  it is up to us to connect these two seemingly distant worlds.  Unfortunately, this is not always possible naturally, because one's own grandparents are often no longer there or live far away.  That's why a little help is needed. For example, this happens in  our partner kindergartens and  homes for the elderly.

Award of the Brand INTERGENERATION  school and senior facilities involved in the program Tell:

  • appreciates the work done so far and  spent energy in  intergenerational areas

  • means that they are part of a unique long-term project that helps bring generations closer together

  • shows that both facilities allow their employees to take part in non - traditional activities that enrich them and  inspire

  • is proof that this is where it lives intergenerationally!

  • means prestige and uniqueness


To obtain the right to  In order to use the mark , the school or senior establishment must meet the following conditions:

  • be involved in the Talk program, and  by implementing at least 7 intergenerational meetings  regularly in  during the last 12 months

  • cooperate with  coordinator "Between Us" in planning, implementation and evaluation  intergenerational activities

  • in cooperation with  inform the coordinator of  partnership with  "Between Us" and  O  intergenerational  activities on their usual communication networks (eg  website or  suitable places in  facilities, e.g.  on the board)

  • actively and independently participate in the organization of intergenerational meetings and  preparation of activities

Detailed information can be found in  Brand status Intergenerational. Request for  lending the brand intergenerationally  download here .

Congratulations!  These devices have already been awarded the Intergenerational brand .

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