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The Kindergarten U Nové školy in Prague 9 received the Intergenerational Award for several years of cooperation with the Home for the Elderly Novovysočanská ...


Among us, he has several programs that focus on intergovernmental issues, the main ones being the programs Tell and Read ...

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Magazine  Penguin

Prague 4 district

Kindergartens attend  grandparents

"Grandma, read us another one." You don't have to hear such a sentence only at your grandmother's on holiday, but more and more often similar words are heard in the maternity wards ... (page 7)

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Center for Social Services Prague 1

Meeting with children in BDPS Benediktská

The projects of Prague 1 and its Center for Social Services show that different generations can live not only next to each other, but together ...

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Bridges between generations

We live in a world full of technology, almost unlimited possibilities, in constant hurry and stress, often in virtual reality ...

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Dentimed shop blog

Interview on the topic of intergenerational encounters

CONVERSATION:  We talked about the intergenerational meeting with  Director Between Us, ops Mrs.  Kateřina Jirglová ...


One hundred and fifty seniors go to kindergartens on a regular basis. The project aims to support intergenerational ties ...




Indian summer

Between us

Grandma's summer, who wouldn't like him :) A beautiful sunny time, when nature slows down and starts to divide, so that she can save everything she needs and later use it again. Given the cycle of life ...

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Prague 10

Tens live intergenerationally

Autumn is coming and  together with  him i  next school year, in  which preschoolers and  schoolchildren meet again regularly with seniors ... (page 19)




Presentation of the award Intergenerational

The gap for decades does not have to be an obstacle. The proof is the project Talk, which in  Czech Homes for the Elderly is organized by the non-profit organization Between Us ...

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Prague TV

Intergenerational encounters are important for seniors

Seniors in Prague 1 met children from kindergarten. The Center for Social Services and the non-profit organization Between Us have prepared for them ...

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