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Hooray, you found me! I'm a magical intergenerational stone .
I carry happiness, love and heal loneliness. How can I do that?

I was born as a loving idea of the non-profit organization Between Us ops, which brings seniors energy to life and fills them with the feeling that they still have an irreplaceable role in society. On the other hand, it also teaches children to perceive differences, respect and help the elderly. I came from the hands of our fabulous reading grandmother or grandfather, from the hands of a client from a senior facility or perhaps from the hands of a child who wanted to please not only you, the finder, but also your own or "borrowed" grandparent.

How can I pass on the joy? Thanks to you. Through postcards. Do you remember how happy you were when you waited impatiently for the sight of your family as a child? How did you admire the picture she carefully selected for you and enjoy the loving words and greetings? You can do the same now. Send a view with a message and maybe with information about where you found me or where we will go on a trip together.

Send a look to a stranger? Once you are old and carry your life story, what would be a surprise for you in the form of a few kind sentences from a complete stranger? What would it mean for you to find out that your lovingly created object got to a place that you did not manage to visit in your life or, conversely, that you have beautiful memories of?

Please please grandmothers and grandfathers.

  • Did you find a stone that has a name on the back? Send the view to our address Mezi nás ops, Pujmanové 8, Prague 4, 140 00 and address it to our fabulous reading grandmother or grandfather.

  • Did you find a stone with the name of a senior facility? Send a look at the address, which you can easily find on the Internet with the help of a postal code.

  • Is neither the name nor the name of the senior facility on the stone? Then send a look to your family or please anyone in a senior facility in your region. You can also choose some of our cooperating devices .


Please always include our website on the postcard so that the recipient can view and inform you in the same way as you do now.

And what to do with me - an intergenerational stone? You probably already know the procedure. Take a photo of the stone on both sides and add the photos to Facebook  Kamínky or Kamínky (official) . Do not forget to state in the text the postal code, name or title on the other side of the stone, the place of the find and possibly also the place where the stone will go. At the end of the holidays, we will create a map for grandmothers and grandfathers where their stone looked. You can also add a message to the comment, which we will be happy to pass on to the author on your behalf.

Thank you for sharing joy and happiness. Thank you for being with us, among us.

PS: Are you a senior facility and would you like to give your clients this joy as well? Or are you a grandmother or grandfather who would like to look at various places in the country through a stone? Create your own stone. Don't forget to write our website so that the finder knows what to do with the stone. If you are a senior device, write the postal code and the name of the device on the back so that the finder on the Internet can easily find the exact address after entering it (or in combination with the postal code). If you are a grandmother or grandfather, also write the postal code of your place of residence and your name or initials on the back. In order for us to know where to send any views, please write us your address to


We unite generations together.

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