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A fairytale year

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You enjoy fairy tales just like us, so we have prepared another fairy tale project!

In the school year 2020/2021, we will borrow a fairy tale from Večerníček every month and we will bring a new art activity on the given topic. According to her, you are in schools, kindergartens, nursing homes  even at home you can create with children and seniors. Together, online, but also remotely.

We will be happy if you are inspired by the template, which in the form of instructions with photos and  We publish an instructional video on our Activity Register and YouTube channel Between Us . We do not limit your imagination. We leave it up to you to decide what the products will look like.

During the creative process, you can take photos and record short videos that illustrate your efforts. Or take themed video greetings, these are very popular. We are ready and happy to arrange for each other to present fairy tales and recordings in  within and outside the intergenerational group.

And that's not all, we will appreciate your efforts in the Fairytale Competition, where every month we will select and present the three best facilities from Prague and the regions. We will compete until May 2021 and in June we will select the absolute winners and invite them to the Fairytale Kingdom.

But we also have a surprise for those who do not stand on the podium. We will invite all active children and seniors to our joint Fairytale Day, where we will play and measure mutual strengths and skills in the field of sports.

More detailed information about the competition can be found below. We regularly share the monthly activity on our  Facebook  and the News website .

We are looking forward to your products and wish you a beautiful joint fairytale creation!

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Project sponsors:

We unite generations together.

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