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The non-profit organization Between Us was established in 2013. It arose from the feeling that it is a great pity how the natural intergenerational ties in  they have been disappearing from society lately. Our goal is to connect generations, especially the youngest with  the oldest.  To k  these generations have found their way again and  and  children knew that old age was a natural part of life.  


"We try to ensure that no one has to worry about getting old, that old age is joyful and meaningful. I perceive old age as a phase of life when we pass on our wisdom, patience and kindness to future generations. The meetings of seniors with children, which we have been supporting among us for a long time, are full of energy and joy of life. "

(Tomáš Jirgl, founder of Between Us, ops)

And as time went with Between Us, ops:



Connecting the 100th intergenerational group

Establishment of the Fairytale Reading Club for seniors and children in Pilsen and Brno

First International Intergenerational Conference (June 3, 2019, National Agricultural Museum)

Establishment and first course of training of intergenerational coaches (training of trainers of intergenerational activities, representatives of 5 European countries)


Launch of the web Activity Register, a database of activities for intergenerational meetings

Creating a team for intergenerational activities in the regions

Relocation and establishment of an intergenerational center in Pujmanová 8, Prague 4

Establishment of the Fairytale Reading Club in Olomouc in cooperation with RC Heřmánek



Erasmus + Between Us is the coordinator of an educational project in 5 European countries 

“Innovative education in the field of intergenerational cooperation support”

Cooperation with the Neighbors Plus project and the creation of neighborhood clubs for mutual assistance between seniors and across generations

Accreditation of the volunteer program by the Ministry of the Interior

Brand Intergenerational - first handover



Participation in the semifinals of the Nonprofit of the Year competition

Senior of the Year 2016 - Award for the best club - Between us, ops



Establishment of the Read program and establishment of the Fairytale Reading Grandmothers and Grandfathers Club 

Establishment of a public collection

The first intergenerational creative workshop at the Exhibition Grounds



Creating a methodology and the first intergenerational groups within the Talk program

Office in Modřany, first employees



Establishment of a non-profit company Between us, ops

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