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Danish Connection

Do you know, who is the super action hero of Denmark? Not a Viking, but a senior!

Journalist Judita Matyášová, who has joined the Mezi námi team, has been coming to Denmark for twelve years. Originally, she was brought to the Scandinavian country in search of the fate of 80 Czech Jewish teenagers who were saved by Danish foster parents during World War II. She recorded interviews with the survivors, and gradually discovered that the Danes were very supportive of the elderly to actively volunteer.

Judith helps us to promote our activities internationally!

Last week she attended a meeting organised by the Danish Ambassador Søren Kelstrup in Prague. The Danish Embassy is very interested in the Danish and Czech senior community. The ambassador invited representatives of senior organizations from all over the Czech Republic to Prague. Judita told them what we can teach Denmark and what the Danes can learn from us. Denmark does not yet have a tradition of intergenerational programs, so maybe we will inspire them soon 😊!


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